Changes to Florida Scholarships

Attention Parents: Changes to Florida Scholarships

Changes to Florida Scholarships : Please call Sapneil at 305-968-6364 if you have any questions/concerns about the new criteria:

Breaking News Impacting Florida Residents: Changes to Bright Futures Scholarships Criteria Make Them Harder to Get
From: ICC (International College Counselors)
Florida’s Bright Futures recently released new test score requirements for its scholarships. Students entering college in fall 2014 will need much higher ACT or SAT scores than in the past.
Under the new rules, the minimum ACT score required to get the scholarship will increase to 26 from 21. Alternately, students must have an 1170 SAT score, up from 980 (for two sections, Math and Critical Reading).
The 3.0 GPA requirement remains the same, but 4.0 students won’t qualify if they don’t score high enough on the ACT or SAT college entrance exams.
The law was designed to cut some of the $300 million Bright Futures Lottery-funded budget. This year, 132,447 students received the scholarships. Next year, the expectation is that 20,000 fewer students will receive them.
There are bills currently in the Florida House and Senate that would stop the tougher requirements from going into effect, but it’s unclear how much support they have, said the Sun Sentinel. Legislators have complained that the requirements have been too lenient for too long.
Regardless of criteria, International College Counselors, our referred independent college advisors, recommends ALL SENIORS APPLY for the Bright Futures scholarship even if they are considering not going to college, are planning to go out of state, are taking a few years off, or are enlisting in the military. Eligible students have up to three years from high school graduation to begin using the scholarship.
For Juniors hoping to be done with their standardized tests, it may make sense to re-take the SAT or ACT just to reach the minimum.
In a nutshell, the Bright Futures Scholarship looks like:
Florida Academic Scholars, the top level scholarship, pays approximately $3,000 a year. It requires a 3.5 GPA, community service, certain coursework and minimum test scores, which are:
2012 graduates
ACT: 28 SAT: 1270
2013 graduates
ACT: 28 SAT: 1280
2014 graduates
ACT: 29 SAT: 1290
Florida Medallion Scholars, the second tier scholarship, pays approximately $2,200 a year. It requires a 3.0 GPA, community service, certain coursework and minimum test scores, which are:
2012 graduates
ACT: 21 SAT: 980
2013 graduates
ACT: 22 SAT: 1020
2014 graduates
ACT: 26 SAT: 1170
For more information on the new requirements, visit: For help from an experienced college advisor, please contact the expert college counselors at International College Counselors

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