College Advising/Consulting:

At Sapneil Tutoring we believe that college counseling is imperative to a student’s education. College advisors can make the application process for universities and colleges significantly less stressful for students, enabling them to make better decisions when it comes to choosing the right school to succeed. Our College Advising program offers different packages geared for students that are either in the beginning stages of their planning or further along in the process.

Initial Consultation: Our initial consultations are geared towards students that have no experience with the college application process. The goal is to get to know the student’s goals to formulate a plan that will be best suited to their needs:

- Develop trusting relationship between parent, student, and advisor;

- Discuss student strengths and weaknesses, favorite/least favorite school subjects;

- Analyze best teaching style and learning environment suited for student;

- Discuss student involvement and class participation thus far;

- Discuss AP classes taken, if any;

- Go over how much time is devoted daily to studying and homework;

- Discuss potential college majors;

- Discuss student accomplishments and extracurricular activities: clubs, organizations;

- Discuss student expectations;

- Answer student/parent questions;

The 20-hour program includes everything that the initial consultation provides. However, at this point, our advisor is not only counseling the student but actively working with the student to work through their applications. This includes informing them of important test dates, application deadlines for the school of their choice, and fulfilling certain requirements such as work experience and listing possible community service hour locations.

- Create tentative list of colleges that match with student profile and interests;

- Determine appropriate testing schedule, score goal, and study plan for SAT/ACT;

- Create high school course guide for relevant classes that give credit towards college;

- Discuss options for extracurricular activities that pertain to student interest and abilities;

- List student work experience;

- List all community service hours;

- Make list of priorities for college applications;

- Review Transcripts;

- Review ACT/SAT Scores;

- Review College Application;

The 30-hour program includes everything that the initial consultation provides, but with the added benefit of assistance with the Financial Aid and Scholarship application process. These are programs that are essential in lowering the cost of higher education but can become tedious and time-consuming. Our college advisors are experts at handling this process, as they’ve done it with countless students in the past.

- Everything included in 20-hour program;

- Discussing a financial plan; exploring Financial Aid and Scholarship opportunities;

- Going over process of acquiring and submitting letters of recommendation;

The 40-hour program is meant as a complete package for students that are looking to complete their college application process quickly and effectively. We walk the student carefully and thoroughly through every step of the program to assure that EVERY PART of the process is completed smoothly.

- Everything included in 20 and 30 hour programs;

- Practicing interview preparation;

- Reviewing requirements for writing a successful essay;

- Aiding in submitting Financial Aid/Scholarship applications;

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