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It's time to get to practice with Method Test Prep’s Self-Paced Online Program!


Fits any schedule

Our short, 5-15 minute lessons will easily fit into your child’s busy schedule.

Built for your student

We spend time with real students to learn exactly what they need to tackle the test.


Interactive Feedback after each question helps to identify areas of strengths and weaknesses.


Lessons are highly targeted to allow students to address any areas where they are looking to improve.

Immediate feedback

After every question your child will receive complete explanations on any concepts that they may have missed.

Detailed Tracking

You will have access to the program and features just like your child, allowing you to track your student’s progress.

Perfect For Students Who:

Want to focus on a specific area of the ACT;
Have a limited time to prepare for the ACT;
Want instruction from an expert teacher;

Perfect For Students Who:

Want to maximize their scores;
Want access to top instructors;
Want a solid foundation in all areas of the ACT;

Perfect For Students Who:

Have busy schedules;
Need the ability to view classes at any time;
Want to improve on specific ACT concept;

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1405 SW 107th Ave Suite 205 C
Email us at or give us a call:
Monday- Friday 3:30-9:30PM;
Saturday - 8:30AM-6:30PM; 
Sunday- By appointment only
786-899-0365 or 305-968-6364

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