Study Skills

Study skills are essential for today’s student to excel in school. Sapneil Tutoring Inc. study skills programs focuses on three key areas: FOCUS, ORGANIZATION & GOALS. The team at Sapneil Tutoring Inc. implements FOCUS Strategies to help each student boost their confidence with various skills and improving study habits. The ORGANIZATION helps each student manage each of there classes, prepare for upcoming exams and assignments and eliminate and possibility of distraction. The GOALS component helps each student understand the big picture as to why they are completing their school work and what they are working towards, whether it’s the 4.0GPA or learning more about a specific topic Sapneil Tutoring Inc. helps each student do this.

Homework Help

Sapneil Tutoring does it all! We’ll even help your student with their homework. Help them analyze the homework and strengthen their weaknesses. But we won’t do their homework!

Life Coaching

With Sapneil Tutoring’s on-staff Certified and Licensed Educational Psychologist we have programs for all students needing basic coaching to improve self-confidence, self-esteem, and staying determined and focused in school. We understand that going to school, managing friends, peer pressure, family pressure and multiple responsibilities is not easy and sometimes requires the help of a counselor to help each student manage their situation.

Organization Skills

Sapneil Tutoring’s organization skills program focuses on what to study, where to study, how to study, when to study and why studying and school is so important. We have peer mentors and a tutoring staff that is passionate about helping each student become more organized. We apply the Sapneil Tutoring methodology to ACHIEVE! Action, Care, High Score, Implement, Excel, Verify, Evaluate. The ACHIEVE system is used by all our staff and peer mentors to help the student get organized in school.

Brain Training

Sapneil Tutoring brain training programs help students achieve exercises to work out your attention, memory, brain speed, people skills, navigation, and intelligence. There are hundreds of levels of exercises. Each one automatically adapts to your skill level so that you're always training at your "threshold"—the right level for your brain to make real improvements.

Sapneil Tutoring partners with Miami’s leading “Brain Trainers” to help each student in the areas of cognition, memory, intelligence, audio/visual competencies and attention to skills.

Early Childhood Development

At Sapneil Tutoring we believe it is VERY important that children get the proper attention from an early age to ensure success as they grow up. We focus on developing each student’s maximum POTENTIAL by incorporating Brain Training and practice exercises to ensure they achieve their FULL POTENTIAL

ADD & ADHD Support

The classification of a learning disability or attention deficit (ADD/ADHD) impacts how a student processes information, affecting organization, retention, and expression. The skilled experts at Sapneil Tutoring Inc. can help that student with a learning disability or attention deficit to master academic subjects, learn coping strategies and compensatory skills, become better organized, and build confidence. We help each student excel to achieve their POTENTIAL and the team at Sapneil Tutoring Inc. implement various techniques during tutoring sessions to help each student through their disability.


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