Company History

On June 2010, Sapneil Parikh founded Sapneil Tutoring as a center dedicated to the academic success of its students. From a young age, Dr. Parikh was passionate about scholarly knowledge and believed that everyone should have access to the tools needed to acquire a higher intellectual education. He treated tutoring as an extension to his academic goals and forged a comprehensive lesson plan to maximize learning in the areas of test preparation for the PSAT, SAT, ACT, DAT, and MCAT. His various programs also offer guidance in the areas of study skills, college admissions counseling, essay writing, and more. Sapneil Tutoring is a company dedicated to supporting student’s academic expectations and goals for attending top colleges and universities by guiding them and providing them with the tools needed for success. As of 2014, our students have been averaging an increase of about 250 points in SAT scores and a 4 point increase in the ACT. In addition, 95% of our students have been accepted to their first choice universities and colleges.

Company Vision

Sapneil Tutoring is striving to be a global leader and household name in test prep and admissions counseling. Dr. Parikh advocates the collegiate experience and being a part of large educational movements that encourage and empower student and parents of all backgrounds. As university and college requirements are changing, students are requiring customizable test preparation and individualized admission counseling that is not always provided by their respective school programs. Sapneil Tutoring is dedicated to preparing students for these rigorous demands so that they can start on their path to success.

Company Mission

At Sapneil Tutoring we strive to focus on the student’s needs. We specialize in providing high quality and customized learning programs tailored specifically to the student regardless of their weaknesses. Researchers generally agree that smaller class sizes lead to a higher quality education, but due to various factors, many schools are not able to provide this for their students. By offering 1-on-1 tutoring sessions, each student is given individualized attention which will not only produce better test taking strategies and results, but also an overall stronger academic foundation that will prepare the student for the rigorous learning environment of colleges and universities. Our focus and mission are to provide your student with all the necessary skills and knowledge that will allow them to succeed in life.

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