Effective Study Tips

Effective Study Tips that will bring you closer to achieving your goal!

At Sapneil Tutoring, we understand how studying can sometimes be a very involved process. Which is why we wanted to take a minute and share with you what we consider to be effective studying habits for students of all ages. Whether you are in high school studying for the SAT/ACT or in college attempting to gain acceptance into graduate school – We believe the following Effective Study Tips will help you stay more focused and bring you one step closer to achieving your goals.

  • KEEP THE DISTRACTORS AWAY! That means cell phones/tablets/laptops in particular. For students, this is just another tool that can be distractive while studying. So use the following rule: bring everything you need and nothing you don’t. Ask yourself if you ABSOLUTELY need the device to study, if you don’t then leave it at home. We are positive that you won’t need Facebook/Twitter/Instagram while studying 😉 !
  • Figure out what works for you. Some students can study with an iPod playing music, some need absolute silence. Finding the right environment is key – where can you be comfortable yet productive? Where will there be the least amount of distractions? We recommend the library or your local coffee shop. Foot traffic is relatively low and it can be quiet – the least amount of distractions will yield the best productivity.
  • Approach studying with a clear mindset. We understand that you can’t be “forced” into the right mindset that is conducive to learning. So, if you aren’t in that right mindset, take a break and come back. Studying while you have a million other things on your mind will only frustrate you more. Be mindful of the following approaches while studying:
    • Aim for positive thinking while studying.
    • Avoid negative thinking i.e. “I don’t have enough time” “I’m never going to understand this”
    • Avoid comparisons with others because then you’ll just feel bad about yourself, and this just leads to negative thinking.
    • Set a realistic goal for the day and aim to accomplish it.
  • Use mnemonic devices! We are a huge fan of this method. Don’t use some one else’s mnemonic devices, create your own! By creating your mnemonic devices, you’ll be placing these items into your long term memory with more and more practice. This will help your brain link the devices to subject matter as opposed to just memorizing.
  • Study by yourself and with others. Studying by yourself will help you learn the material. Studying in a group will help cement what you learned. In a group setting you’ll find that there might be some people that do not comprehend the material as well as you do – this gives you the opportunity to teach them and simultaneously establish what you know. Teaching is one of the best forms of learning.
  • TAKE BREAKS! Not only is studying for 8 hours straight detrimental to learning but it’s not realistic. Review what you need to learn and split it into small segments. Study for 1 hour and then take a 5-10 minute break – eat a snack during the break, lightly review what you just learned. Point is – do not mentally exhaust yourself.
    • Also, set small, realistic goals – if you reviewed everything you had planned for the day then treat yourself self to a small reward. Which leads to the next item on the list:
  • Set a realistic schedule. Plan out daily studying tasks months in advance and then stick to the schedule. At Sapneil Tutoring, we first work with the student in trying to figure out when he/she will be taking the exam and then strategically set up private 1-on-1 tutoring sessions that is convenient and advantageous for the student.
  • And finally, throughout this whole process – try to live a healthy lifestyle. But, don’t just live the healthy lifestyle for the sake of studying! Exercising regularly and eating healthy balanced meals will keep you more energized and alert when studying.
    • Avoid the sedentary lifestyle and eating fatty/unhealthy foods – you’ll find yourself tired more often and you won’t have the energy to focus and study.
  • Most importantly, approach studying as an opportunity and not a forced task. As we said before, be as positive as possible and you’ll find that studying isn’t all that horrible as you thought it was.

Sapneil loves to see all of his students and succeed in life and does everything he can to make sure they receive all the help they can get. Besides tutoring we also help students with test anxiety and numerous other study/test related problems that hinders the student from succeeding. So if you are finding it difficult to study and can’t get in the right mindset then come on over to Sapneil Tutoring. We have expert professionals with years of experience that identify and strengthen student’s weaknesses.

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