Materials Checklist for Test Date

Test day can be a very stressful day, so remember to make a checklist of what to bring from beforehand so that you can quickly go over it the morning of the test and have a smoother ride.

Required Items (You will not take your test without them):
• A paper copy of your admission ticket
• Valid photo ID (driver’s license, passport, military, national, or school ID)

Items to bring:
• At least two #2 pencils and an eraser
• Graphing, scientific, or basic four-function calculators (know how to properly use them to save time and effort)
• A watch (make sure it has no alarm)
• A small snack that is rich in protein and low in fats, such as hard-boiled eggs, fruits, or yogurt.
• A relaxed mindset. Your studying and hard work will pay off!

What not to bring:
• Any writing utensil that is not a pencil or eraser
• Laptops, cellphones, or tablets (any disruption can be cause for disqualification of your test. If you are bringing your phone, make sure it is completely turned off.)
• Sugary snacks or caffeinated drinks, as they can cause a crash that would not be ideal for test day.

April 6, 2017

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