Method Test Prep's self-paced program


Method Test Prep’s self-paced online program gives students easy to use checklists that break the ACT and SAT down into their component concept.
Each concept has a short lesson followed by a mastery quiz that will expose students to every variety of question that they will face on the test for which they are preparing.
Each question has a detailed text and video explanation of how to arrive at the right answer — Method Test Prep is the only program available that has this level of feedback for students.Method Test Prep makes it easy to prepare for the ACT and SAT anytime, anywhere. Students can use their phones, tablets or computers to connect to the website.
The Method Test Prep program has quick and easy diagnostic assessments to help students find their baseline score, then breaks the tests into manageable, bite-sized chunks, each of which has detailed lessons and mastery quizzes.
Students will have access to over 2,000 practice questions and four full-length, timed ACT and SAT tests. 


Method Test Prep helps students by giving constant feedback and coaching. 


Students can always see which tasks they have done, and what is left to complete. Every one of the thousands of questions in the program has a detailed explanation of why the right answer is right, along with a video explaining how to use your exam booklet and pencil to solve the problem. Typical score increases are 3 points on the ACT composite and 100 points on the SAT, but it is not unusual to see higher scores.



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