Skype tutoring:

We at Sapneil Tutoring understand how rigorous a student’s course load may be. Not every student can set time aside from their various classes and extracurricular activities to leave their house and come to our offices for tutoring. Similarly, many parents have busy and demanding work schedules that prevent them from being able to bring their child to our offices. Many problems may arise from having to visit our office, therefore we came up with a solution so that no child will be prevented from receiving the help they need: we also offer Skype Tutoring Sessions!

We cover all the same topics in our Skype Tutoring sessions that would be covered in a regular session at our office. We cover specific subject matter, SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, and DAT material as well. The great thing about Skype Tutoring is that YOU CREATE YOUR OWN SCHEDULE FROM THE COMFORT OF YOUR HOME! That’s right, you have complete flexibility as to when and where these sessions will take place without having to sacrifice the quality of the tutoring.

Normally, due to the traditional school schedule our tutors hold sessions after school until the evenings and during weekends as well.

No extra purchase is necessary! Skype is a completely free software that anyone can download by visiting All Skype-to-Skype calls are free and based on your preference we offer either Audio only or Video / Audio sessions! Skype Tutoring holds the following advantages for our parents:

- No need to do any extra traveling;

- Sessions can be done in the privacy of your home;

- Our tutors hold very flexible hours so they’ll be available whenever YOU want them to be;

- No need to organize other extracurricular activities around the private tutoring;

We understand that Skype Tutoring may not be for everyone. That’s why if for any reason the student or parent isn’t comfortable with tutoring via Skype after trying the program, they are not obligated to continue the package in this form. We instead will switch back to the regular offer of both 1-on-1 Private Tutoring and Small Group Courses.

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