Small Group Courses:


Sapneil Tutoring now offers small group classes. However, do not fret, we limit our group classes to 8 students per session, therefore each student still receives individualized attention. We specialize in tailoring these small group courses to SAT & ACT Prep, but we can work with the student if they would like to have a friend join them that also needs assistance in other educational areas!

Our small group courses focus on SAT/ACT Prep. In these classes the student will be provided with course material and have a set schedule on when these courses are offered. The student will go over practice questions, perform exercise drills in each class, and most importantly learn the test taking strategies that each student needs to excel in both the SAT & ACT.

We offer both Fall and Spring options for our SAT & ACT Small Group Courses. Each class option will provide 40+ hours of small group tutoring, along with 4 FULL LENGTH Diagnostic exams with Comprehensive Score Reports.

In the Fall and Spring, we offer classes for both SAT/ACT Small Group classes every Thursday from 7:30-9:30PM.

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