Student score sheet (SAT scores, ACT scores)

NameSchoolSATACTEntry ScoreExam Simulation 1Exam Simulation 2Range of ImprovementYears
Katrina PadronFlorida Christianx10601,05011901402016-2017
Daisy LauDoral Academyx101095011101602016-2017
Christopher JerauldTerrax66010203602016-2017
Emily RamosFlorida Christianx1090104012502102016-2017
Kryssa Garciax105070010603602016-2017
Alessandra Sanchezx1280113012701402016-2017
Eunice OghinanFelix Varelax100097012402702016-2017
Sarah StebbinsCutler Bayx91092011502402016-2017
Alex CarresqueroSouthwestx8109201102016-2017
Javier BacerioArchbishop McCarthyx105011901402016-2017
Diori Barnard Jrx10101402016-2017
Emily BuenosDr. Michael Kropx95010501002016-2017
Victoria HerreraArchbishop Coleman F. Carrollx7206409302902016-2017
Vanessa HerreraArchbishop Coleman F. Carrollx7306708601902016-2017
Kristy SomeillanCutler Bayx88010007201202016-2017
Elizabeth VasquezArchbishop McCarthyx144016401702016-2017
Ryan RodriguezBelen Jesuit Prepx146017302702016-2017
Victoria CarabeoTerra Magnet Schoolx980106011802002013
Daniella QuevedoTerra Magnet Schoolx7909004001102013
Stephanie AcostaTerra Magnet Schoolx91091010101002013
Natalie SosaTerra Magnet Schoolx8809209801002013
Cailyn JimenezTerra Magnet Schoolx104095011502002013
YasmeenTerra Magnet Schoolx81089010502402013
Emily HernandezTerra Magnet Schoolx102011201002013
Alexa VelazquezTerra Magnet Schoolx8209609401402013
Yutong WangTerra Magnet Schoolx1000107011801802013
GabrielaTerra Magnet Schoolx92098010701502013
Katie CarabeoDoral Academy Charter High schoolx1020111011701502012
Lauren TellerDoral Academy Charter High schoolx9301,01011301502012
Jack MarquezDoral Academy Charter High schoolx840114011203602012
Daisy MarreroDoral Academy Charter High schoolx9108609701102012
Emily MoralesDoral Academy Charter High schoolx1110105011901402012
Lauren PentonDoral Academy Charter High schoolx940109010901502012
J. NovoaDoral Academy Charter High schoolx940101012803402012
Jonathan NovoaDoral Academy Charter High schoolx920102010701502012
Alexandra LarachDoral Academy Charter High schoolx83087010502202012
Brandon CreedDoral Academy Charter High schoolx104011801402012
Tomas D.Doral Academy Charter High schoolx102013403202012
Derek EscarraDoral Academy Charter High schoolx94088010701302012
Danielle AmadorDoral Academy Charter High schoolx97010801102012
PaytonRonald Reagan Senior Highx98098011701902011
SarahRonald Reagan Senior Highx6909809302902011
TakaRonald Reagan Senior Highx84098011503102011
BenjaminRonald Reagan Senior Highx6807807301002011
Michael LeonFlordia Christian Schoolx2729282010
SamanthaFlordia Christian Schoolx2528252010
Jack MarquezFlordia Christian Schoolx19232010

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