Summer has finally arrived

Summer has finally arrived, and you know what that means: it’s time to meet with a college advisor! While it may take some moaning and groaning to get you started, it is imperative that you get working on your college plan during the summer. When school starts up again, planning for college may become hectic due to the more pressing responsibilities assigned by your teachers. In between tests, homework, and extracurricular activities you may find it difficult to set time aside to construct a proper plan for being admitted into your target school. Choosing through the vast variety of schools available, figuring out the requirements for each, and sorting out through your paperwork may seem a daunting task; that’s why at Sapneil Tutoring we have college counselors available to help you effectively sort this frenzied chore. If you’re not yet convinced on the urgency of meeting with a college counselor, let me break down the reasons on why meeting with a college advising professional will make your life easier in the long run.

  • Advisors have experience. Not only are they connected with the admissions offices for community colleges and universities, they have in depth knowledge on the differences between each school. They help hundreds of students each year get into the school of their dreams, which means they know exactly which school environment will be the right fit for you. It may seem like a stretch, but their array of contacts inform them on the ever-changing policies and structure of schools; information you may not have access to yourself. Furthermore they attend an array of webinars, institutes, research symposiums, and conferences that give them the tools to help you effectively.
  • Planning your Resume. Effectively selling yourself is a huge part of getting into the school of your dreams, and this may not always be as easy as it seems. Even students with honors and high GPAs may have trouble adequately building a strong resume. Counselors facilitate the process of applying for scholarships, internships, and summer programs that will not only look good for your college, but also for prospective employers.
  • Scheduling campus visits and tours. Your college advisor can help you schedule campus visits so you and your parents can become better acquainted with the campus of the university or college you wish to attend. This serves as an educational experience for you to decide whether your college campus is the right fit for you. Furthermore, it gives your parents (who will definitely struggle with the idea of their child growing up) an inside look into the world that will now encompass your day to day life. Summer is a great time to schedule a campus visit, as both you and your parents are allotted more free time to visit the various schools you may have in mind.
  • Advisors understand the different General Education requirements for varying universities and colleges. They can make sure that you are taking all the correct courses to maximize your chances of getting into the right school and also improve your college experience. Advisors are also aware of the different SAT and ACT test dates and can help keep you update on changes and upcoming test dates. They will also make sure that your GPA and conduct is up to standards so that it does not fall below the required criterion of your individual school of choice.
  • Lower stress. Overall, the college application process can be tricky and stressful, but there are trained professionals that are better equipped to handle this situation than you may be. Sapneil Tutoring has professionals that have been working in the field for years and not only know the market, but how to prepare you for it. The later you wait to meet with your college advisor, the more likely you are to run into problems when applying to your dream school. Don’t let them catch you unprepared, start early and the path to success will become considerably unchallenging.
May 16, 2017

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