Effective Study Tips

At Sapneil Tutoring, we understand how studying can sometimes be a very involved process. Which is why we wanted to take a minute and share with you what we consider to be effective studying habits for students of all ages. Whether you are in high school studying for the SAT/ACT or in college attempting to gain acceptance into graduate school – We believe the following Effective Study Tips will help you stay more focused and bring you one step closer to achieving your goals.

  • KEEP THE DISTRACTORS AWAY! That means cell phones/tablets/laptops in particular. For students, this is just another tool that can be distractive while studying. So use the following rule: bring everything you need and nothing you don’t. Ask yourself if you ABSOLUTELY need the device to study, if you don’t then leave it at home. We are positive that you won’t need Facebook/Twitter/Instagram while studying 😉 !
  • Figure out what works for you. Some students can study with an iPod playing music, some need absolute silence. Finding the right environment is key – where can you be comfortable yet productive? Where will there be the least amount of distractions? We recommend the library or your local coffee

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What to know for the SAT in 2016

SAT 2016 Pic

After extensive research the College Board has decided to make changes to the SAT for those taking it in 2016. However, you shouldn’t be worried one bit because Sapneil Tutoring has you covered! We’ve been aware of these changes and have already prepared lesson plans to adjust to those students taking the SAT in 2016. Please be aware of the following major changes:

  • No penalty for wrong answers. Students will want to answer every question on the SAT since there will no longer be a penalty for wrong answers. Currently, students are unfortunately penalized 1/4 points for every wrong answer.
  • The essay portion will become optional. Many colleges will likely require that students complete the essay, but technically, it will be optional.
  • Also, the type of essay students are asked to write will be different than the type of essay students are currently asked to write. In the words of the College Board, “students will read a passage and explain how the author builds an argument. They’ll need to support their claims with evidence from the passage.” The actual essay question (what the College Board calls the “essay prompt”) will be “shared in advance and remain consistent.” What will change

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Private Tutoring versus Group Tutoring

Private vs Group

If you’re confused about whether you should look into private tutoring versus group tutoring for your standardized testing needs, then look no further. At Sapneil Tutoring, our niche is private 1-on-1 tutoring and we’ll explain why. After years of research into our own student’s performances, we found that private 1-on-1 tutoring was the most effective tool in attaining the highest scores possible.

We were founded in 2010 on Sapneil’s belief in disruption and being apart of large educational movements that encourage and empower students and parents of all backgrounds. A student himself, Sapneil found that through all his years of schooling and his own need for test prep, private tutoring was the way to go. A victim of the big box tutoring companies, Sapneil found himself in his earlier years stuck in these large classes of about 30-40 students with no accountability from the tutor, let alone the tutoring company. How can one class focused on tutoring broadly cater to the individual student? Well, it doesn’t.

For those of you that did take a group tutoring class with one of these big box companies, did you ever take a diagnostic exam BEFORE the class began? Of course you didn’t. Your …

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