It is with great enthusiasm that I write this letter of recommendation regarding Sapneil Parikh. I met Sapneil Parikh last year when he began providing SAT/ACT tutoring services to students at Florida Christian School, where I work as a college counselor. Throughout my acquaintance with Mr. Parikh, he has been a professional and effective communicator with both parents and students. He provides students with a quality test preparation program that includes practice examinations and options of either individualized or small group tutoring. Parent and student feedback has been positive on student performance and overall satisfaction with Sapneil Tutoring Inc. Mr. Parikh, the founder of Sapneil Tutoring Inc., is a scholarly young man that has perfected the strategies of standardized test- taking through his own academic journey. Mr. Parikh is currently preparing to enroll in dental school after an arduous season of personal test preparation. According to Mr. Parikh, this experience spurred him to share his knowledge of test- taking strategies with students facing college entrance exams. His expertise and familiarity with the process has certainly given him the background knowledge to excel in the field of test preparation. Finding the right test preparation program for your student requires the utmost consideration. Without hesitation, I recommend Sapneil Tutoring Inc. as one of the testing resources to consider as you review your child’s testing needs.
Griselda Bain, M.Ed.
College Counselor


Sapneil is amazing. Clear, calm, kind……glad we used his services for SAT prep last year. My daughter is now at a top liberal arts school.
Sapneil Tutoring is amazing. Much better than a large “big-name” SAT prep course, like Princeton. Sapneil designed very small groups, with very attentive, personal teaching style. Plus, his teaching is clear and makes perfect sense. My daughter brought her math scores up by a few hundred points, making her competitive for top tier schools. She is now on full academic scholarship to Swarthmore!


Sapneil Tutoring is a lifesaver! Thanks to the six weeks I spent studying with Sapneil, my ACT score bumped up 4 points. He is a great tutor so if any of you are looking for an ACT/SAT tutor, go with him!


I used Sapneil Tutoring to prepare to take my SAT again after not scoring so well. I scored significantly higher after taking just a few of his classes! I highly recommend this over any other program such as Kaplan where you can waste thousands of dollars.


We have been using Sapneil for SAT/ACT prep. I love the one-to-one attention and all the extra resources he offers. I highly recommend!!


I have used Sapneil for SAT tutoring for my daughter after having used other tutors. Sapneil takes a true interest in the students performance. His plan includes instruction, practice sessions, planned out homework sessions, followed by proctored exams in a test center environment. Unlike other (more expensive) tutors we used, Sapneil often went over time with my daughter to ensure she got what she needed in that session.


I used Sapneil’s tutoring services to prepare my son who’s dyscalculic for both the ACT & SAT. He was amazing!!! My son significantly raised his scores on both tests. I highly recommend his tutoring over any other college prep agency such as Kaplan & Toby Rose. I will definitely use his services again for my daughter next year. Thanks Sapneil for all your help!



Excellent tutoring program, I recommend it to any student who is currently struggling in any college placement test and wishes to fulfill the scoring criteria needed for the college or university your planning on attending. This program works guaranteed! I raised my ACT score by 3 points in just six weeks thanks to Sapneil Tutoring!

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